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Why Virtual Appointments?

Although people have known us for years as the Relationship Center, we discovered a need for services outside our local area during the pandemic. We noticed many businesses offering "online" services, but we believe those services were lacking. They were people on laptops in their offices or, even worse, a makeshift home office in a kitchen or bedroom. We needed something better to help others beyond our immediate vicinity, so we created it.


We built a studio specifically for seeing couples for virtual appointments. We insulated it well on the outside to prevent outside noises from disturbing us or our couples. We used acoustic tiles inside to ensure no echo or sound came from the other offices. We made sure there were no outside distractions from us. But more was needed.


We purchased computers with large displays because we know the importance of being able to see our couples' facial expressions. We also made sure our audio feed had good noise cancellation to prevent heating or air conditioning noise from coming through. We made sure we could see and hear you clearly and that you could also see and hear us.


Even more was needed. We needed to guarantee that any materials we might give you during an office setting were available during a virtual appointment. So, we added an area to our website just for the couples who see us. In this area, our materials are readily available for viewing (even on a cell phone) or downloading if you need to print a copy to use. 


There is much more to working with a couple online than grabbing your laptop and declaring you are accepting online appointments. Let us show you the difference.

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