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This book is about a specific kind of forgiveness and is written for a particular group of Christians who have genuinely practiced their faith but are struggling to work through the pain of an affair.


The narrative raises questions about the origins of our sexual beliefs and the contradiction of a self-proclaimed Christian crossing those boundaries. The couple at the heart of this story grapples with their beliefs, their faith, and the state of their marriage. Although this book is not a “how-to” guide, it can be valuable as a template for consideration when faced with this reality. 


The story in this book is fictional and follows a man whom his wife has betrayed after devoting his life to her and their family. The book contains scenes of a sexual nature, but they are not overly graphic.


It is my desire that as you read this, you will come to a greater understanding of how love, boundaries, and forgiveness work and, by doing so, create a more fulfilling marriage.  This is a story of hope and change fueled by understanding and love. I hope you enjoy it!

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