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Vision and Mission

His Vision: A world where marriage is a Godly, loving, lifelong commitment.

Our Mission: Offering hope through practical education and spiritual growth.  

Think for a moment about a married couple whom you love and respect. What would you do if that couple told you they would divorce if you couldn't help them work things out? Would you know how to react? What should you do or say? Adultery, pornography, bitterness, unforgiveness, communication, marital drift—helping couples through these trials is our area of expertise.

It all begins with hope. Hope is someone honestly believing their problems are not insurmountable. You can't fake sincerity; without offering hope, our couples most likely won't believe in themselves. We offer hope because there is hope. It begins with hope.


Education starts at the very first meeting. The technique differs depending on the problem and the couple, but the method is the same. Relationships are learned behavior. Couples learn new ways to relate to each other as old ways fade into the past. Healthy boundaries are created, and plans exist if those boundaries are exceeded. Hope gradually becomes a reality.


Education alone is never enough to fulfill the vision. The starting point for spiritual growth is learning to love another human being. We teach that personal growth is good for you, your spouse, and your relationships with others. A master's degree in physics might help you personally, but it doesn't help your relationships with your spouse and others. Deciding to become a better listener does.


Love is redefined from a rush of emotions to a series of actions. When love is seen as being patient, kind, and not keeping a list of wrongs, it becomes something you do instead of something you feel. It becomes spiritual growth. This is where the true miracle begins. For many, it is the first time they have ever been loved with an unselfish love based on a choice instead of an emotion. As they practice loving each other, the feelings return. This time, however, they are not like a roller coaster but deep and fulfilling. They realize this is what they want for themselves and their children. This is how we accomplish the vision, one couple at a time.

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